Video & Audio Editorial

Premier Video and Audio Editorial Services

Video & Audio Editorial Services in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. & Maryland

Seasoned writers, designers, and other creatives know that filming or recording your project is only one step of the creation process. What you do in post-production matters just as much.


If you’re looking for someone to put the final pieces of your project together seamlessly, look no further than MANA Media. We offer premier video and audio editorial services for projects and clients of all sizes in LA, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.


Video & Audio Editing

Once a project has been recorded, it must head into post-production to iron out the kinks, refine every second of footage, and be joined together to tell an impactful story. But editing video and audio content can be time-consuming and takes a lot of experience and skill to accomplish with finesse.


If you want your final product to be the best quality it can be, then you need to work with a team of video and audio editorial experts. MANA Media brings over a decade of experience in post-production to the table.


We’ve completed editorial work for renowned companies like Disney and Warner Brothers, as well as worked with individual creators and small businesses. No matter which category you fall into, we know how to customize our editing services to your vision, budget, and timeline needs.


In addition to video and audio editing, we can assist in other post-production areas. This includes special effects, music licensing, motion graphics, and more.


Let’s talk about how we can use our custom video and audio editorial solutions to bring your content to the big or small screen. Contact the MANA Media team today to get started on your project!