MANA Entertainment – Customized Media Services

Media Production Services in Rockville, MD & Surrounding Areas

Having a great idea is one thing, but bringing it to life the way you imagined it is another. Especially
when you’re working by yourself or trying to establish a unique brand to attract customers to your
business, every moment, dollar, and ounce of energy you spend on content needs to be worth it.
At MANA Media, we offer audio and video production services for independent creators, small-scale,
and larger-scale businesses in Rockville, Silver Spring, and throughout Maryland, Virginia, and
Washington D.C. From initial concept to final production, we’ll provide you with media solutions that
allow you to achieve your content goals.

Podcast & Audiobook Production

Has inspiration hit you for a new podcast or audiobook? Great! We’ll get you up and running in no time. Our experts can provide a wide range of production services for both local and remote projects. Audio recording; voice over talent; merchandise design and development; publishing; you name it, we can do it. Struggling with writer’s block? We can also help you with writing and storyboarding your content.

Social Media & Web Production & Graphic Design Services

In need of custom content for your webpage, social media, or mobile apps? We provide comprehensive options for graphic design, audio, and video production services for your outlet from design to publishing and beyond. Whether you’re building your Insta-brand or expanding your modeling portfolio, professional-quality content that doesn’t break the bank is what we’re all about.

Commercial Production & Advertisements

Looking to grow your business and increase brand awareness? Our talented production team can create ads for radio, television, web channels, and more. We offer short-form filming (as well as options for longer-form), audio and video production, and post-production editorial services too.

The best part about audio and video media production services from MANA Media? They’re completely customizable to the needs of your individual project, budget, and brand. We can cater to major productions, corporations, small businesses, and solo content creators, producing premier-quality content that wows your audience.

Creating content can be hard, but getting started with us is easy. Get in touch with our team today to start discussing your project’s production needs!