MANA Entertainment – Customized Media Services

Video & Audio Editorial Post-Production Services

Content creators know that the magic doesn’t stop when recording is over. It’s those post-production finishing touches that take your work from a puzzle with missing pieces to a refined and completed picture.

Since post-production is such a crucial project phase, it’s often a source of stress for creators without a lot of experience in it. Your solution? Let the media production professionals at MANA Media do all of that heavy lifting for you!

Post-Production Video & Audio Editing

Whether you’re producing a commercial, YouTube series, indie movie, or a big-budget TV show, the audio and visual quality has to be perfect if you want to capture your audience. We offer comprehensive post-production video and audio editorial and restoration services for short-form and long-form projects of all kinds. Having worked with major brands like Disney, Marvel, and more, no production is outside the scope of our abilities.


Post-Production Visual FX & Motion Graphics

From CGI zombies to interactive graphics or color correction to jazz up your website, MANA Media can provide the visual effects and motion graphics solutions you need. We’ll help you create a visual content experience that will keep your audience coming back for more.

Post-Production Music Editorial & Licensing

Looking for that perfect song to drive home a movie scene or introduce your podcast? We’ve got you covered. We can provide custom, royalty-free music of all genres. Choose from a library of over 100,000 songs, cinematic drones, FX, and trailer beds. Have a specific track in mind? No worries! We’ll reach out and get the clearance for you.

Ready to start making some post-production magic? Contact MANA Media today for your customized media production solutions!