MANA Entertainment – Customized Media Services

Live Event Setup, Coordination, & Filming

Local and online setup for performances, meetings, and special events. From setup to show time, we have you covered with all of your needs. Rest assure ourĀ  team has your back all the way through.

We provide cameras, lighting, sound equipment and crew to capture every moment of the action in high quality and stylized detail.

Overlays & UI

Animated Logos & Text

User Interface Design

Need an overlay or specialized media for your event or channel? No problem. We work with live streamers and content creators to finesse a professional brand and online presence.

Content Creation & Branding

Flexible Content Creation Packages

All-in-One Branding Options

Need full on content for your social pages, or just a small piece here and there? Contact us to get a customized branding and content creation solution for you.